Strive to Thrive!

HOLLIBLU believes that the healthcare industry, through education and empowerment, can create a thriving culture for their nurses. 


Nurse burnout and turnover is at an all time high and HOLLIBLU is finding solutions. We are bringing the nurse community together and speaking up. The Strive to Thrive Challenge, was created to raise the bar and inspire companies to strive to thrive for their nurses because when nurses thrive, so does the industry in which they serve.

What is a Thrive Champion?


A Thrive Champion is a healthcare company or organization that is actively taking steps towards creating healthy and thriving work environments for their nurses. A Thrive Champion is a nurse employer who is raising the bar for their nurses by supporting: nurse driven policies, adequate resources and staffing, supportive community and good communication, flexibility and fairness in scheduling, nurse friendly tech, recognition and appreciation, services that support mental well-being, and environments that foster respect and joy. 


How can I nominate my company?

By completing the form below, you can nominate your company as a "Thrive Champion" for nurses. Tell us how your healthcare company or organization is actively taking steps to create a healthy and thriving work environment for nurses. HOLLIBLU will highlight a different Thrive Champion every month on our website and social media platforms.

Strive to Thrive Supporters 

Building a community where nurses and healthcare companies thrive!


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