KCLA joins #DoBetter Initiative

Updated: Mar 24

HOLLIBLU would like to introduce Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles as our very first #dobetter company!!

Ketamine Therapy is showing incredible results for people who have depression, PTSD, suicidal ideations, and chronic pain. KCLA knows that healthcare practitioners are suffering from many of these conditions so they offer a 10% discount to people in our industry.

Here are just a few reasons why we have selected KCLA to be Holliblu’s first featured company for our #dobetter for nurses campaign:

Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles is a world-renowned provider of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for mood disorders and chronic pain conditions. This accomplishment would not be achievable without the remarkable team of nurses!

"Our nurses provide exceptional care, allowing our patients to feel safe, comfortable, and understood. At KCLA, our team is like family and our nurses are an essential part; we appreciate how hard working, empathetic, and nurturing they are and our patients do too! Our nurses’ favorite part about working for KCLA is “helping our patients heal and seeing tangible results.” Many of our patients arrive at our door severely depressed and some with suicidal ideation. Within 1-3 treatments, 90% of patients no longer feel suicidal. Within 5-6 treatments, over 80% are no longer depressed." - Denisse, LVN, says, “I love seeing how quickly our patients regain their enthusiasm for life and all the things they’re able to accomplish after they heal. We’ve seen so many patients grow. They create healthy relationships, go back to school or work, finish long-standing projects, and so much more.

It’s an amazing privilege to be part of that.

Working with people with mood disorders can definitely bring on some challenging days. The tight-knit family environment that we enjoy at Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles is what really makes us a #dobetter champion. Additionally, a generous PTO policy, high-end PPO insurance plans for vision, dental, and health benefits provided by the company, annual bonuses, profit sharing, and a culture of growth all really set us apart from other companies as a #dobetter champion. The whole team is extremely supportive of one another. We love to celebrate each other's successes and the successes of our patients!"

We were one of the first ketamine clinics to open in the United States and are the only ketamine clinic that is AAAASF certified, the gold-standard in clinical care. At KCLA, white-glove service and concierge medicine for all patients is our top priority and our team is our family. LEARN MORE HERE

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